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Catalonia war of independence

This is a page set up to show a British support base for the Catalan people and their fight for.Speculation is rife over whether the call for an independence referendum.

Spain Struggles With Catalonia’s Push for Independence

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80,000 gather for Catalan pro-independence demo

Instead, they are digging in and Catalonia is on the brink of unilaterally—and illegally—declaring independence.

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Catalonia Independence: Puigdemont Flees to Brussels to

The roots of Catalonia’s differences with the rest of Spain

This is something that had not happened since the 18th-century civil war between.

The disintegration of Yugoslavia is remembered mostly through the prism of the horrible, protracted Bosnian war,.

Spain Split in Two As Catalonia Declares Independence

Is the Catalonian Referendum Really About Independence?

How Spain's Crisis over Catalonian Independence Plays Out

Independence for Catalonia is a rational choice With Spain facing an insurmountable economic crisis and Europe failing, Catalonia would be better off on its own.In a vote in the regional parliament, Catalan lawmakers voted 72 to 63 to a plan for independence from Spain by 2017.Catalan secessionism was one of the factors that brought about the Spanish civil war of the 1930s.

Mixed feelings in Barcelona after suspension of Catalan

On the other hand, many voters who did not support Catalan independence did not turn out.

People Are Still Yearning for Independence in Barcelona

After a round of applause and cheering, the regional parliament of Catalonia marked their declaration of independence this Friday by breaking into their national.

Catalonia Votes For Independence; Spain Says It Won't

As Spain wrestles with calls from Catalonia for independence,. would be caught in a tug of war as Madrid and.

All you need to know about Catalonia’s independence