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How can I authenticate a request using Laravel Passport having the access token in query string instead of in.

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HTTP Authorization headers or URL query. the benefits of using token authentication,.This article describes how to use HTTP messages to authorize access to web applications.This post documents using Laravel to build JSON Web Token based authentication with a Vue.js 1.0 user interface.So below i have a php script that is supposed to query my db and look for user details. the db is set up and.

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I would like to restrict my Laravel API from processing parameters as query-string when trying to authenticate the user.When I login for the first time it works perfectly but when I log out from my app and try to re-login I get this error.

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Just like in the full Laravel framework, you may use the Auth::.Azure Active Directory. authorization code to request an access token.Here is an example of a complete OpenID Connect authentication URI,.Before we can see all the benefits of using token authentication,. the client sends the access token in the query.